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Letztes Konzert Video 2022 Sylvester

Blue Valley Konzert Januar 2023

Butterfly Valley at the City Bar

On the road with Butterfly Valley

Tizi's review of 2021

Tizi at the performance of the band déjàvu

The story of Nadia

Tizi with photo artist Andrea Pelzer

Tizi visits Sascha Buzman

The rock band Déjàvue spontaneously invited us to come to a gig. 

Tizi & DJ revised

Tizi hunting for a good DJ. What I found ...  a returnee ... in the video

Tizi tattoo

Tattoos don't hurt at all - my experience with the first big tattoo! see for yourself

Party with Luxarcana and DJ UCA

Theme party "Touch the sky" - in Glattbrugg ZH

with fire show and DJ.

Der Zyklus

Tizi with Sascha Buzman

Sascha was kidnapped when he was 8 years old. What he experienced and how he later found his way into life.

Tizi & photo shoot

No party without ....   the making of the preparation.

Tizi poses - the team pours out ...

Tizi & Luxarcana & Simon

Tizi and Simon present the group Luxarcana - hot fire show and performance.

Butterfly Valley

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