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About Tiziana

Tiziana Colarossi was born in Switzerland as the daughter of an Italian couple – a so-called seconda. At the age of 18 she began acting school at Starline in the Cinecitta. In her professional career, the successful work as a moderator and in acrobatic dance were in the foreground.


She left this job to start a family and later looked after her ailing mother for a long time. She also worked as an editor and sales manager for a well-known newspaper, accompanied rock stars in Switzerland and wrote about artists such as Marc Storace from Krockus, Claudio Matteo from China and the well-known Gölä (Gölä on a Harley).  

As a seasoned, experienced personality, she comes across as crazy and funny. You could almost mistake her for a light version of todays Nina Hagen - wild, brave and a little crazy. Shrill, shrill a total work of art, it looks like its own brand with a strong charisma. When she speaks or moderates everyone listens. In Italy, the racy, attractive Italian is very well established. 


The school of life with all its ups and downs taught her never to lose her laughter and always keep her sense of humor. A very courageous and strong personality who never gives up.


Her life motto is: Don't do anything to anyone that you don't like yourself! Laugh, live like it's your last day!  Do what makes you happy and don't let it throw you off the track!

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